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October 15, 2019



Dear APA Members:

Just a quick update on things that are happening in this fall semester.  Hope the beginning of school went smoothly for all!



  • The Paid Family Medical Leave act went into effect and, in order to build the fund, deductions from employees of the State began on the October 4th payroll
  • Since the October 4 pay period included some September workdays, the state unions are seeking a refund from the state for any charged time prior to October 1, 2019
  • Terms for notifying employees about the pending tax were agreed upon in late August
  • No other agreement (Percentages of contribution – employer/employee) has been reached – negotiations continue
  • Employees will be able to access the fund in 2021 – maximum benefit is $850.00/week


Freedom to Join Legislation:

  • To counteract the effects of the Janus vs. AFSCME decision, Unions sponsored a bill that passed the legislature and governor’s office in September
  • Benefits to the Unions included:
    • Better access to recruit new employees as members
    • Right to meet on-premises during the workday to discuss grievances, internal union matters and union business
    • Use of University email system to conduct business of the union, including elections
    • Use of government buildings and facilities for bargaining meetings
    • Rights to very specific contact information
    • Ability to charge non-paying members for legal services


APA Member Pre-Bargaining Survey:

  • The survey is available at this time.
  • Bargaining for the successor Agreement (2020-2023) will begin in earnest in Feb-March 2020
  • As in previous years, we will survey our membership to gain insight into what members see as important Bargaining topics
  • Please offer feedback and information.  


Check out MTA Higher Ed

As we get feedback from the membership about topics of interest, we will certainly share information with the group on the website. 

Have a great fall semester…



Sherry Horeanopoulos
Statewide APA President
Fitchburg State Local Chapter President


APA represents 1431 members. We are professional staff and education support professionals working at public colleges and universities across Massachusetts.


APA President
Sherry Horeanopoulos
Fitchburg State University

APA Vice President
Charlie Cianfarini
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

APA Treasurer
Maria Brunelle
Westfield State University

APA Secretary
Katheryn Bradford
Westfield State University

APA Membership Coordinator 
Aaron Childs
Westfield State University

Liz Novak



APA Consultants


Catherine Santiago

MCLA and APA bargaining Field Rep



Bret Sefarian

Salem State
Fitchburg State


Roberta James

Framingham State
Worcester State
Westfield State
Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Bridgewater State

Colleen Fitzpatrick

Massachusetts College of Art and Design