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Presidents Message

A Message from the President

March 23, 2021



Dear APA Members;

As we begin the "ascent" to summer and the end of a long and challenging year, it is important to recognize once again, the extraordinary effort it has taken to adjust to teaching, learning and working in an online world.  The commitment to our campuses' success has been felt and appreciated.  Let's hope that the fall semester will find us in a more familiar environment, with students, faculty and employees back on our campuses, and our calendars devoid of constant Zoom meetings!

Our APA Executive Board will admit to one Zoom meeting that we all appreciated - the APA Annual Meeting.  That meeting was attended by more members than any other - certainly because the majority of the group did not have to travel to a distant campus.  We certainly look forward to getting to visit our nine campuses again, but the success of that meeting (and the "Retirement" program we offered) has us thinking of other possibilities.  Stay tuned for an April "Zoom" where (thanks to a suggestion from members at Mass Art), we will begin holding virtual meetings about contract language.  The first meeting will address "Leave" (i.e., FMLA, Sick Leave, Maternity Leave, etc.)

We have other topics ready to present, however, if you have a suggestion about a Contract Zoom topic...please let us know.

In other news, we have been participating in promoting covid vaccinations for Higher Ed employees, especially those who have been actively involved and in close contact with students.  Local Chapter President, Edward Vacha, of the Maritime Academy, offered compelling testimony at a meeting with Senator Julian Cyr on March 19th, outlining the urgency of distributing vaccine to our members.  

Finally, please check out the FAQs for this month for information about Massachusetts' newest paid holiday, Juneteenth and how it will be celebrated.

See you in April!


Sherry Horeanopoulos
APA President