New Self Evaluation Process

The new evaluation process has begun.  Please be prepared to participate in this important new evaluation - it is your opportunity to provide the input upon which you should be evaluated. Review your job description and make sure it reflects the dues and responsibilities that you are undertaking.  By all means, provide feedback on how YOU feel the process is working!

The Purpose

  • Helps administrator contribute to advancing the mission of the department/division/ and institution.
  • Allows the administrator to provide input to the evaluation process.
  • Assists the administrator in performing core job responsibilities and achieving expectations and goals.
  • Helps propel the administrator forward in their career.
  • Ultimately helps our students, colleagues and faculty.

Criteria for Evaluation

  • Effectiveness in carrying out administrative duties and responsibilities in accordance with Article III of the APA Agreement as set forth in job description
  • Nature and quality of the administrator’s undertaking to maintain and augment his/her knowledge and skills in the professional field and evaluate on professional competencies.
  • The evaluation process allows a real sense of performance and encourages and engages the administrator.
  • Timely and complete written evaluations of subordinates.
  • Administrator’s Contribution to the University.
  • The evaluation is no longer a ranking system.

 Review of the Job Description

  • Start with the job description
  • Supervisor should review the job description and note updates if applicable. The supervisor should use the job description template provided by Human Resources
  • Supervisors and Administrators should review the job description together and update if applicable so that it reflects the current job duties and responsibilities
  • The supervisor shall then send the completed updated signed description to Human Resources electronically.

Appendix C: Semi Annual Report

Printable PDF of Appendix C

  • Replaces Self-Evaluation Form
  • Administrator is required to complete the semi-annual report twice a year
  • November 1st & April 1st
  • Highlight work performed
  • Professional development
  • Process improvements/suggestions
  • Submit to Administrative Area Supervisor & meet to discuss
  • Regular communication is always ENCOURAGED!

*If an employee changes positions or is promoted an evaluation will be completed for the new role

 Appendix D: Performance Narrative

Printable PDF of Appendix D

  • Replaces Administrator Evaluation Form
  • Administrative Area Supervisor Completes once per year after receiving April report
  • Tool used to:
    • Review job expectations & strategic goals
    • Assess strengths & areas of challenge
    • Identify professional development opportunities
    • Offer Feedback 
  • Narrative should include:
    • Year in Review
    • Professional Competencies:
      • Leadership/management
      • Communication/Interpersonal Skills
      • Responsiveness
      • Teamwork
      • Problem-solving/Judgement & Discretion
      • Job Specific Competencies/Job Knowledge
    • Overall Performance Rating
  • Timing recommendation – one week prior to performance evaluation meeting
  • Employee may attach a response
  • Signatures (electronic acceptable)
  • Narrative shall be submitted to Human resources no later than June 30th for inclusion in the Official Personnel File