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The APA, as an affiliate of the Massachusetts Teachers Association, represents over 1000 professional administrators employed at the nine Massachusetts State Universities. APA members are dedicated to the overall mission of the system; to provide quality education to the citizens of the Commonwealth.

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Official results of the APA Statewide Officer Election - 2021:

  • President: Seth Bean
  • Vice President: Susan McNeil
  • Secretary:…

Download the PDF below to review the proposed change up for vote on Monday, 20 December 2021:

Below are materials provided by verified candidates for state-wide offices in the upcoming election. Materials are in PDF format.

  • Remember, the election will be held…

Recent FAQs 

Question: What is the process to request my grievance be arbitrated? Who makes the decision to arbitrate a grievance? Will I get a chance to present my grievance?

Answer: As the exclusive representative of the unionized positions in the APA, the APA Executive Board considers grievances cases that have been denied through the two grievance steps to be considered for arbitration. The APA Executive Board convenes emergency meetings in accordance with our bylaws for consideration of cases for arbitration. During these meetings, the APA Executive Board listens to the evidence and documents, including the grievances filed by the local chapter and the responses from management at the university the grievance was filed at. Should the grievant wish to present as well, this would be the time when they could present as well. After listening to the evidence, the APA Executive Board enters into Executive Session to discuss the personnel matter. The Board then exits executive to take a vote to send the case to arbitration. Once the matter of the arbitration is settled, the minutes of the executive session can be published.