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The APA, as an affiliate of the Massachusetts Teachers Association, represents over 1000 professional administrators employed at the nine Massachusetts State Universities. APA members are dedicated to the overall mission of the system; to provide quality education to the citizens of the Commonwealth.

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Thank you to everyone that participated in our bylaw changes vote.  We have accepted the changes to our bylaws that now permit executive board meeting minutes approval by email, Chapter Vice…

All APA members are invited to attend our annual meeting, held this year on Friday November 18, 2022 @ Salem State University and remotely on Zoom.

Contact your local chapter officers for…

Official results of the APA Statewide Officer Election - 2021:

  • President: Seth Bean
  • Vice President: Susan McNeil
  • Secretary:…

Recent FAQs 

Question: An APA staff member* has left work and I have had to take on some or all of their job duties. When do I qualify for additional pay for doing this? What are my next steps?


The first step is to get it in writing that you are expected to assume these duties. Once the time that you have been asked to take these duties on has eclipsed 20 days, you are then eligible for acting pay (minimum of $100/week). You are eligible for this pay when you have taken over duties “as a replacement for a person on educational leave or appointed to an acting position at a higher rank than their present position or holding a second appointment in an acting position”. If you have difficulty getting this processed with your supervisor or Human Resources, please contact your Chapter President or Chapter Grievance Officer for assistance.

*You should never be asked to do work assigned to another union i.e. AFSCME; that is a labor violation.