Who We Are

The Association of Professional Administrators represents 1350 members. We are professional staff and education support professionals working at public colleges and universities across Massachusetts.

Statewide Board

APA President
Seth Bean
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

APA Vice President
Susan McNeil
Massachusetts College of Art and Design

APA Treasurer
Maria Brunelle

APA Secretary
Mark Powers
Framingham State University

APA Membership Coordinator 
Aaron Childs
Westfield State University

APA Web Manager
Gerol Petruzella
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Local Chapters

Bridgewater State University

Jenna Shales, President

Eric Feibel, Vice President and Grievance Officer

Iris Lapaix, Membership Coordinator

Chapter Bylaws

Fitchburg State University

Rebecca Shersnow, Vice President

Gretchen Mayhew, Grievance Officer

Chapter Bylaws

Framingham State University

Jane Decatur, President

Lauren Keville, Vice President and Grievance Officer

Maureen Fowler, Secretary and Membership Coordinator

Chapter Bylaws

MA Maritime Academy

Edward Vacha, President

MA College of Art and Design

Susan McNeil, President

Catarina Coelho, Vice President and Grievance Officer

Lucas Dean, Membership Coordinator

Maggie Shirland, Secretary

MA College of Liberal Arts

Seth Bean, President

Deborah Raber, Vice President

Chapter Website

Salem State University

Rosa Taormina, President

Derek A. Barr, Vice President

Christopher Bittrich, Membership Coordinator

Michael Pelletier, Lead Grievance Officer

Brian Helman, Secretary and Grievance Officer

Chapter Website

Westfield State University

Brian Cahillane, President

Junior Delgado, Vice President

Jen Gould, Secretary

Giselle Frechette, Membership/Treasurer

Jay Hastings, Grievance Officer

Chapter Bylaws

Worcester State University

Peter Fenuccio, President

Chapter Bylaws

MTA Consultants

Catherine Santiago

APA bargaining Field Rep

  • Fitchburg State
  • Framingham State
  • MCLA
  • Westfield State
  • Worcester State

Roberta James

Field Representative

  • Bridgewater State
  • MassArt
  • Massachusetts Maritime Academy
  • Salem State