Minutes 2017-10

Executive Board Meeting
Education Association of Worcester (EAW) conference room 397 Grove Street, Worcester 01605
Friday, October 20, 2017
APA Board Meeting 10:00am

Attending: Sherry Horeanopoulos (President/Fitchburg), Charlie Cianfarini (VP/MCLA), Jim Murphy (Treasurer), Michael Pelletier (Salem), Michael Storey (Bridgewater), Mark Powers (Framingham), Alan Jackson (Worcester), Katie D’Urso (MTA) Aaron Childs (Membership), Rich Sutter (Westfield), Kathi Bradford (Secretary)

Not attending: Edward Vacha (Mass Maritime), Howie Larosee (Mass Art)

I. Call to Order by Sherry at 10:06am

II. Approval of September Minutes

– Motion to approved by AJ, second by Mike S. PASSED 7‐0‐0 (Jim arrived following vote, now 8 voters present)

III. President’s Report

  • Sherry did not go to HELC.
  • Please try to get 26% of our membership to sign the petitions. Due November 9, the latest.
  • A bit of inside info re: COP. The COP was in favor of our counter proposal to move to 6 months. Think we should stick to our guns about this.
    • CJ is filing another unfair labor practice re: the librarians. During their negotiations, he asked if everything was on the table and then Jim came in with another proposal. He is refusing to bargain in good faith.
    • UMASS decided not to bargain this past summer. They want to wait. We are not going to do that. Some contention in the HELC group.
  • Katie will talk about the “all in campaign” to keep membership and the need to emphasize the value to each member.
  • Want to have a brief discussion of negotiation items to prepare for 11‐9‐17 meeting.
  • November 17 is the annual meeting at Salem State.
    • Mike P is our host. Please send him the number attending from your campus by 11‐10.
    • The location is at 225 Derby St. Park across the street.
    • We will be meeting on 11‐16, night before, at the Salem Waterfront Hotel and Suites, Pickering Wharf, Salem 01970. Please let Charlie/Sherry know if you will need a room.

(RICH ARRIVED at 10:26am – 9 voters present)

  • HELC cancelled for November.

IV. Treasurer’s Report/Audit Report – Jim

  • Please see information sent by Jim
  • October APA expense reports due Tuesday, October 24
  • We will update computers after the elections.

Motion to approve treasurer’s report by Mark, second by Mike S PASSED 9‐0‐0

V. Membership and Data – Aaron

  • 1397 members, up 16 since September
  • 76 agency, up 3 since September
  • 1 cash paying member
  • Sherry discussed a need to update the website at least 1x per quarter. Discussion: It depends on what we want/need? If we are talking about hiring someone, we need photos, articles or links to make it better. .if we just want a few things changed each quarter, we can do it on a rotating basis.
  • Katie brought up needing a counter proposal to the lawsuit. She will talk with Aaron to make sure we will not impact membership.

VI. Health and Welfare Report – AJ

  • The meeting was held on 9/22/17.
  • Investments are doing well.
  • They discussed whether they need to meet every month because they really only need a small amount of time to accomplish their goals and can do it with less meetings.
  • He will still get regular reports.
  • No discussion about dental. . .money is not there and there is no plan to get more money from the state to H and W. Katie reminded us about the MTA dental plan.We discussed the mailing.
  • We do need to increase funds to be able to respond to an emergency. Only have about 6 month’s worth right now.

VII. Committee Reports – Sherry

  • When we resolve the contract, it will be time to resolve any issues with the bylaws. Sherry will bring them for review at the next meeting.
  • We also need to discuss the electronic voting option.

VIII. Old/New Business

  • Discussion of negotiation items, as needed – Reviewed items that are still pending for negotiation meeting on 11‐10‐17.
  • Annual meeting at Salem State in November – see president’s report
  • Charlie brought up the annual MTA meeting dinner in Boston. Would like to see more representation/attendance at the meeting. .and not just attendance at the dinner. Spouses are ok.
  • Rich recommends allowing all to apply for raises regardless of whether they have received a commendable or not. Katie indicated we may be able to bring this up under counter proposals.
  • Upon completion of contract negotiations, we will need to hold an election. The following items are important for this process:
    • Date and time of elections, ending by 3pm day of.
    • Bylaws changes at the same time as elections
    • Likely not until January.
    • Need election committee. Possible elections in February or March.
    • Rich will talk with Amy to help with the transition of a new statewide elections coordinator.
  • Sherry will send a letter to the membership via the Presidents re: the annual meeting.
  • NOTE: The annual MTA meeting will be May 4 and 5 in Boston.

Rich left at 12:08 – voting at 6.

IX. Adjournment

– Motion to adjourn at 12:57 by Mark, 2nd by Mike P. PASSED 6‐0‐0

Next Meeting: Annual meeting at Salem State on November 17 with eboard meeting at 7pm on Thursday, 11‐16.

MTA has reserved the Education Association of Worcester (EAW) conference room for the following APA Board meetings:

  • Dec. 15, 2017
  • Jan. 19, 2018
  • April 20, 2018
  • May 18, 2018

The address is 397 Grove Street, Worcester 01605. Please park in the back parking lot of the Immaculate Conception Church.