Minutes 2017-11

Executive Board Meeting
Friday, November 17, 2017
Salem State University, Bertolon School of Business, Room 225

Attending: Sherry Horeanopoulos (APA President/FitchburgSU), Charlie Cianfarini (APA Vice President/MCLA), Michael Pelletier (President/SalemSU), Katie D’Urso (MTA), Mike Storey (President/BridgewaterSU), Alan Jackson (President/WorcesterSU), Kathi Bradford, APA Secretary (Westfield SU), Mark Powers (President/Framingham) at 10:20am, Howie Larosee (President, MassArtSU) at 10:36am

Guest: Brian MacDonald, Citrin Cooperman

Not Attending:
Jim Murphy, Treasurer (MassArt), Edward Vacha, (MassMaritime), Rich Sutter (President/WestfieldSU), Aaron Childs (APA Membership/WestfieldSU),

I. Call to Order at 10:09 am by Sherry

II. Approval of Minutes

– Motion by Mike S, second by AJ PASSED 6‐0‐0

III. President’s Report ‐ Sherry

  • We will discuss bylaws at our December meeting
  • There was a positive finding on the unfair labor case. Case will be heard in September 2018 at the Division of Labor Relations.
  • Negotiations update:
    • 6 proposals submitted. Accepted bereavement leave.
    • Evaluation process was reviewed for next meeting.
  • Attended the local chapter meeting for K‐12 and HE. Met the candidates.
  • Update on Janus. MTA thinks we will lose approximately 10% of members. The decision will be made in June. Not sure when it will go into effect. Based on Supreme Court decision.
  • Invited the candidates to meet us in March and April.
  • We have 25 delegate spaces for the MTA meeting in Boston on May 4‐5, 2018.
  • December 7, Negotiations in Auburn at 10am. Asked everyone to poll membership to see if they are tired of waiting or ok with waiting for better language. (ie. Rollback of vacation and sick time, 6 month contract.
  • Katie shared that the state coalition met with the Governor and there are not parameters to move money up and the UMASS group was meeting in Auburn.
  • Sherry indicated no hope to hold out for money. It is whether we wait and try to get the 6 months, flex scheduling , etc or take the money and run.

IV. Treasurer’s Report

  • Introduced guest, Brian MacDonald, Citrin Cooperman
  • Shared audit. Received clean audit. Kudos to Jim who did a really good job.
  • No adjustment to numbers were needed.
  • Reviewed audit and asked questions. Brian commented that although Jim handles everything, he does it well and we require two signatures for checks.
  • Sherry asked if there were recommendations and what would happen with funds if organization was to cease to exist. Brian suggested we discuss this with an attorney. Some organizations donate funds in that situation.
  • Brian mentioned we have made safe investments
  • Charlie asked if Brian does other audits. He indicated the local Boston AFSCME.
  • Charlie asked what minimum qualifications for next treasurer and if bylaws would need to be changed. Held for next meeting.

V. Membership and Data

– sent in early by Aaron

  • We have 1392 members (‐5 from last month)
  • 73 agency fee members (‐3 from last month)
  • 1 cash paying member (same)
  • All members forms who were lost in the July Mailing should be enrolled by the time the MTA processes my most recent mailing to them.
  • Reminder to go over the roster. Red cells are bad (for someone who has not recently enrolled) and need resolution asap as it impacts the finances of the APA. Yellow cells are missing information we could use for reports.

VI. Health and Welfare Report– AJ

  • Committee has not met since September
  • Usage is up.
  • Portfolio has a steady up rise with investing.
  • 9227 enrolled in MTA benefits (3267 employees and 5960 family members).
  • Dental benefits are available as a supplemental plan.

VII. Committee Reports – None

VIII. Old/New Business

  • Howie asked how campuses closed for Veteran’s day.
  • December 15, APA in Sturbridge. Will discuss bylaws. Breakfast at 9:30, meeting at 10 am.

IX. Motion to Adjourn

made by AJ and seconded by Mark. PASSED 8‐0‐0

Next Meeting: Publick House, Sturbridge, MA. December 15. 10:00am