Minutes 2018-05

Executive Board Meeting
MTA Conference Sheraton Boston Hotel
6:30pm Friday, May 4, 2018

Attending: Sherry Horeanopoulos (APA President/FitchburgSU), Charlie Cianfarini (APA Vice President/MCLA), Kathi Bradford (APA Secretary/Westfield), Alan Jackson (President/WorcesterSU), Mike Storey (President/BridgewaterSU), Katie D’Urso (MTA), Mark Powers (President/Framingham)

Not Attending: Michael Pelletier (President/SalemSU), Aaron Childs (APA Membership/WestfieldSU), Howie Larosee (President, MassArtSU), Rich Sutter (President/WestfieldSU), Jim Murphy, (APA Treasurer) Edward Vacha (MassMaritime)

I. Call to Order

by Sherry at 6:54 pm

II. Approval of Minutes of April 20, 2018

– As they were written by Charlie Cianfarini, Kathi made a motion to accept the minutes, second by Mike Storey. 6‐0‐0 PASSED

III. President’s Report

  • Discussion of Ratification Vote for May 10 – Sherry checked in with all in attendance re: if there was any discussion out there. Some discussion about what would happen if only one of the parts was ratified. If part doesn’t pass we would potentially have to re‐negotiate but, it would depend on which part. We decided Sherry would send another email out re: ratification next week.
  • Final changes to the bylaws – Mark changed Association to APA throughout the document. We discussed each change and verbally agreed as we discussed them. AJ made a motion to accept the final changes per the final version sent by Sherry to the group with a second from Charlie. 6‐0‐0 PASSED. Sherry will send out the bylaws with revisions next week in time to hold meetings the week of June 11 (no later than June 15). Voting for the bylaws and statewide officers is Friday, June 29, 2018. Please get your information to Amy S. if you are planning to run.
  • Agency Fee Payers – Sherry learned that local chapter presidents had received a letter regarding suspending agency fees and payments. Was supposed to go the HELC group but when to all. Katie explained that if Janus wins and we collect fees after the decision, it would be unconstitutional. Then there would be litigation. MTA is looking for us all to stop collecting agency fees on 6/1 to avoid this. If we stop state‐wide and Janus loses, we will figure it out afterwards. There are right wing organizations waiting and targeting groups to pounce on this. We discussed that Jim Cox would have to alert HR/payroll at all institutions or we would need to set up a separate escrow account for fees. Since we had further questions, Sherry will check with CJ to see what MSCA is doing and Katie will talk to Mike Murray. We do not support alerting payroll, etc. but, will see what we receive for answers.
  • We will have a meeting on May 18th if ratification fails. If not, June 15th at MMA. We will also have a meeting on Friday, August 17th in Auburn or Worcester State. More to come on this.

IV. Membership and Data – Aaron

(This report was sent in by Aaron for the minutes.)

  • 1429 Members (+10 since April)
  • 92 Agency Fee Members (+12 since April)
  • 1 Cash Payer (Same)
  • I was contacted by Amy Szlachetka to list all member email addresses from the MTA database. I skimmed through the top third of the list and saw there were campus email addresses which are out of date. At WSU, there were many email addresses haven’t been used since 2003, similar with Salem, Fitchburg and Framingham. I recommended that we do not use the list. I contacted Tony at the MTA if there was a website that we can send our members to, to update their email and home addresses. He replied “that is something you or I can do.” When I wrote back saying there were many so I asked him if there was a method for me to upload updates from a CSV file he said he would have to take care of that. So, something to discuss at the June meeting is updating the email addresses of our members and how to keep them up‐to‐date. Once we get the updated email addresses, I will also send Tony the current home addresses which are included in the SFED report from Boston to make sure the mailing addresses are up‐to‐date as well. The MTA subscribes in the “notify sender address” on mail forwarding but for some reason in the past there are few that don’t get updated.

V. Treasurer’s Report – Jim

  • Payroll is due on Tuesday, May 22 at 12:00pm.

VI. Adjournment

– Motion to adjourn made by Mark, second by Sherry. Unanimous at 7:45pm

Next Meeting: Meeting will be June 15th at 10am at Mass Maritime. Institutional Issues and Agenda Items for the June meeting are due by 12pm on May 31.