Minutes 2018-11

Executive Board Meeting
Thursday, November 15, 2018
APA Board Meeting 7:00pm
2 Jerks BBQ, 701 Broadway, Raynham, MA 02767 (508) 386-2737
Follow-up meeting on Friday, November 16, 2018 at 10:00 am
Bridgewater State University, Rondileau Campus Center, Room 202


IN ATTENDANCE:  Sherry Horeanopoulos (APA President, FITCHBURG SU President), Charlie Cianfarini (APA Vice President), Mark Powers (FRAMINGHAM SU President) 10:18am,  Mike Storey (BRIDGEWATER SU, President), Kathi Bradford (APA Secretary), Susan McNeil (MASS ART President), Seth Bean (MCLA SU President), Edward Vacha (MMA President), Alan Jackson (WORCESTER SU President), Jim Murphy (APA Treasurer), Brian Cahillane (WESTFIELD SU President) on phone at 10:35am, Mike Pelletier (SALEM SU President) 11:28am

ABSENT:  Aaron Childs (APA Membership), Liz Novak (APA Web Manager), Katie Durso (MTA field rep),

GUESTS:  Peter Brown and Derek Amorosa from Citrin Cooperman (Auditors), Melinda Lamoureux (Membership coordinator, Bridgewater SU)

I. Call to Order at 10:06 am.

II. Approval of Minutes

– Motion to approve by Mike S.  Second by AJ, 8-0-1 PASSED

III. President’s Report 

  • Today’s annual meeting.  We will discuss new website and salary adjustments/retro. (November 30, raises and December 14 Retro – this is due to the high number of people who have made changes since that time, (250+). 
  • Task force on dues happening.  Sherry is connecting Mark. Anetta Argyres is the chair.
  • Big focus in HELC is health care for adjuncts. UMASS items were discussed bulk of meeting.
  • Suzanne, Higher Ed director, is expected today.   Good opportunity to ask questions.
  • Kathi and I have been requested to send info to continue work on the web.
  • Sturbridge for December meeting on December 14, not 21.  Please invite Membership coordinators.  Let Sherry know by December 7. 

    Brian Cahillane joined us by phone at 10:35am

IV. Treasurer’s Report

  • Jim’s report was sent via email.
  • Expense reports due Tuesday, November 20, 2018
  • Report from Auditors, Citrin Cooperman with guests Peter Brown and Derek Amoroso  (Please see attached agenda of topics)
    • We use cash basis accounting.
    • Good recording of receipts, monthly reports, etc.
    • Discussed impact of agency fees. 
    • Discussed only risk.  Having one person taking care of all finances.  We mitigate that by reviewing monthly reports.

V. Membership and Data

  • 1431 members (+6 from October)
  • 103 non-members (same as October)
  • Christopher Bittrich (Salem) reached out to Jim on behalf of Karen Pietrowski with regards to her refund.  Back in July Jim offered to process the refund but Karen was not comfortable mailing a W9 to his house and is looking to mail it to MassArt now that Jim has returned to work.  She is owed $240.86.
  • Reminder: Any new hire that chooses not to join the APA we still need an APA Data Collection form filled out to keep track of those positions.
  • Discussed need to create a procedure for people who don’t make a decision within a certain time of their membership status or note.  We need to make sure they understand that their failure to respond causes an action on our part and clarifies the decision.

    MOTION BY Seth, second by Susan:  Four (4) weeks from the date of contact with the local membership coordinator, a new employee must make a decision about membership or the employee will be classified as a non-paying member and a data collection form will be forwarded to the state-wide membership coordinator.  PASSED 10-0-1  This will now go to Katie to review and present to the necessary people.

    Mike P arrived at 11:28 am

VI. Health and Welfare Report – AJ

  • We now have operating expenses for 8 months.  Looking to have enough operating funds to cover one year.
  • Looking also to add benefits to our currently bare-bones plan.

VII. Committee Reports

VIII. Old/New Business 

  • Ballots are due for ratification and election to Kathi
  • Memo needed to clarify use of personal days for this year.  Holiday week is in the next year so, they will be declined.  Must use them before.

IX. Institutional Issues 

X. Adjournment

– motion to adjourn at 11:44 by Mike S, second by Edward.  PASSED 12-0-0

Next Meeting:  
Publick House, Sturbridge, MA.  December 14.  10:00am  (Please note change of meeting date from December 21st)