Minutes 2019-01

Executive Board Meeting
Auburn MTA Offices
10:00am, Friday, January 18, 2019


IN ATTENDANCE:  Sherry Horeanopoulos (APA President, FITCHBURG SU President), Charlie Cianfarini (APA Vice President), Mark Powers (FRAMINGHAM SU President), Mike Storey (BRIDGEWATER SU, President), Kathi Bradford (APA Secretary), Susan McNeil (MASS ART President), Brian Cahillane (WESTFIELD SU President), Liz Novak (APA Web Manager), Katie Durso (MTA field rep), Mike Pelletier (SALEM SU President), Jim Murphy (APA Treasurer), Alan Jackson (Worcester SU President), Marissa Barros (MMA Interim President)

ABSENT:  Seth Bean (MCLA SU President), Edward Vacha (MMA President) (at sea, Marissa present) Aaron Childs (APA Membership),

I. Call to Order @10:00am

II. Approval of Minutes of December 14, 2018

  • Motion to approve minutes of the December 14, 2018 APA eboard meeting by Mike S, Second by AJ.  PASSED 11-0-0  

III. Public Comments

IV. President’s Report  – Sherry

  • HELC update:  Regarding GIC, no changes until possibly 2020.  On the horizon, possible changing of or addition of low premium option with higher deductible.  Sherry requests attendance at upcoming meetings if possible and Charlie indicates we should comment on the lack of timeliness and low number of meetings considering the number of people involved.
  • Katie is the interim Higher Ed director. She has requested info about the final copy of our contract but, we have some issues we need to review. 

    MOTION:  Brian made a motion, second by Mike S to put a draft, with deletions noted, on the website so people can refer to it.  Discussion about how to indicate it is not the official copy.  Sherry will share the document with the group and Liz will add this version with the old version.  Mark will create a new, edited version.  MOTION PASSED 9-2-0
  • Katie also said the APA was the best in HE on petitions.  They are meeting about steps to move forward. 
  • Faculty have voted not to return to the bargaining table and are asking to sit down to talk to try to move forward. They may ask for assistance.
  • MTA union skills workshop was worth attending.
  • We discussed an APA logo item.  Pens??  Request cost for 2,000.   

IV. Treasurer’s Report – Jim

  • See report for December and January via email
  • Increase in mileage reimbursement to $.58.  Please use updated form.
  • Jim is retiring at the end of March (3/29).  We discussed a possible transition plan.  May ask membership for consideration of an interim treasurer.
    • Require a paying unit member
    • Prefer someone with APA experience
    • Prefer accounting or budgeting experience.
    • Jim and Mike S will review the job description and process for the February meeting with a timeline for the eboard to review.
  • Payroll due on Tuesday, February 19 , by 12:00pm to Jim Murphy

V. Membership and Data – Aaron

  • 1423 members, -8 since December
  • 100 non-paying,  done one from December

VI. Health and Welfare Report – AJ

  • Next meeting in February, no news is good news.
  • Website – Liz
    • A few options including a design for the phone.
    • She will update Dental and vision info on the site
    • She will use photos from MTA and local presidents.
    • She will share test account with the eboard to review and ask Aaron to post following review.
    • All local presidents should send Liz a link with either your website or a generic page so she can post information.
  • Committee Reports
    • Budget:  Mike S (Chair), Seth, Jim
    • Employee Relations Working group: Mark (Chair), Susan (Job descriptions), Brian (impact bargaining), Kathi (HR)
    • Professional Development:  Edward (Chair), Seth, Sherry
    • Negotiating team:  all

VII. Old/New Business

  • ERP – need to reconstitute group.
  • If you are a chair of a committee, please get it done
  • Please send operations manual information to Kathi – Please include things like job descriptions, bylaws, Roles on the board, etc.
  • Discussion around the contract and evaluation process.  We will create FAQ sheets for self-evaluation and contract information. Sherry will send a letter to Jim Cox, etc. to move us forward copying the HR directors.

    We revisited the MOTION to post the contract.  Charlie made a motion seconded by Mark indicating we should NOT post the unapproved draft of the contract on the website.  PASSED – 8-1-1

VIII. Institutional Issues

IX. Announcements

X. Adjournment

– Motion by Marissa  Second by AJ. . .Unanimous at 2:18pm

Next Meeting:  
January 18, 2019 – 10:00am, Auburn MTA Office, 48 Sword Street, Auburn, MA

Spring meeting schedule:
February – EAW, Worcester
March – Auburn
April – Auburn
May  – Meeting at Annual Statewide MTA meeting

June – Meeting at MA Maritime Academy