Minutes 2019-03

Executive Board Meeting
Auburn MTA offices
10:00am, Friday, March 15, 2019 


Attending:  Sherry Horeanopoulos (APA President, FITCHBURG SU President), Charlie Cianfarini (APA Vice President), Edward Vacha (MMA President),  Aaron Childs (APA Membership), Kathi Bradford (APA Secretary),  Susan McNeil (MASS ART President), Katie Durso (MTA field rep), Brian Cahillane (Westfield SU President), Alan Jackson (WORCESTER SU President), Seth Bean (MCLA President), Liz Novak (APA Web Manager), Jim Murphy (APA Treasurer)

Not attending:   Mike Pelletier (SALEM SU President), Mark Powers (FRAMINGHAM SU President), Mike Storey (BRIDGEWATER SU, President)

Guests: Mike Brophy (MTA Field Rep)  (contact information:  mbrophy@massteacher.org 781-738-2671)

I. Call to Order at 10:02 a.m.

II. Approval of Minutes of February 15 meeting

– Motion to approve by Brian, second Susan 8-0-1 PASSED

III. Public Comment

IV. President’s Report  – Sherry

  • Katie is the lead field rep for the MTA campaigns.  Mike is now helping her (and us) until the end of June.  Katie will send around contact information.  Please call him first with any questions during this time.  Mike is an adjunct college professor from Bridgewater State and has been an MTA District Coordinator. 
  • HELC Update – no meeting last week, we did not have quorum.  Katie will explain about funding bills.
    • The “fund our future” campaign is about two acts:  Promise act (not getting the money they should in poor communities)  Cherish act (Higher Ed focused, brings back funding to the 2001 level which was highest we have had.  $560 million more $).  Controversy about where money will go.  UMASS gets about 49.2% of the money because it is exactly the same as 2001.  State Universities get 24.4% and community colleges, 26.4%. We hope both will pass this year. 
    • This year 82 members signed up for Higher Ed day in Boston for next Thursday, 3/21.  There are busses bringing people into Boston.  Contact Katie.  (t-shirt and lunch included) Katie will send a list of legislators who need more calls to support.  About 550 students registered.
    • May 16 – Huge rally at 5pm at State House in Boston.  Please save the date.
  • NEA-RA and MTA conference updates
    • Who will be going to the MTA annual meeting?  If you go to sessions on one of the two days, you are invited to dinner.  Hotel will be covered, too.  We have 27 delegates so, we may be able to invite 1-2 more per campus.  We have sent in a “dues proposal” for a tiered structure.
    • NEA-RA is in July – we could send up to 9 but, we usually send a handful.  If you have someone who might want to be involved with the APA, please encourage them. 
  • Contract update – Has been reviewed, Sherry worked page-by-page to review.  Finished on Thursday morning and while sending, Jim sent his.  Sherry and Jim discussed issues Sherry found.  They will review on Monday morning.  Hope to have final, signed version next week.  Will post on new website.
    • June 30, 2020 is the last day to flip sick time.
    • We might have to bargain the minimum and maximum chart to change it and add it to the contract.  Aaron will check older contracts housed on the server.
    • Professional development statement will remain in the contract.
    • Agency fee information will not appear in the contract.
    • Removing appendix H and all blank pages.
    • Please send anything you notice by Monday morning.
    • Note:  A lot of issues with regard to “hours worked”.  Finding that these issues are across many campuses.
    • Attended the Financial Officers meeting and learned that some VPs indicated they do not think their employees know what the true financial state of each university really is.  Some do not share that information yet imagine we are “being selfish”.  Be aware, there may be issues in your institution. . .if you hear things in the rumor mill, check it out. 

V. Treasurer’s Report – Jim

  • Payroll due on Tuesday, March 19 by 12:00pm to Jim Murphy
  • Please see report sent via email.
  • Will retire on March 29.  Motion to appoint Jim as a contracted treasurer for the APA until we find a replacement by Susan, 2nd from AJ.  PASSED 8-0-1
  • Motion to accept the treasurer’s report by Brian, 2nd by AJ PASSED 9-0-0

VI. Membership and Data – Aaron

  • 1431 members, down 1 since February
  • 114 non-dues paying members, up 12 since February
  • Sherry and Charlie will go to Framingham to meet with people regarding membership.  They also need a membership coordinator.  (Salary is $125 at Framingham)

VII. Health and Welfare Report – AJ

  • Last meeting did not have quorum.  Financial reports static.  Going at a good pace.  Just finished audit.  $5.5M in assets.  Next meeting 3/22.  Will share our website with the committee.  We are in renewal season.

VIII. Website – Liz

  • Website is up.  Posted minutes from February once approved.  Has been adding news, etc. regularly.  Will add google analytics. 
  • In terms of local chapters, I would like to do a page for each chapter. Can each of you please send officers or link to local site as soon as possible?
  • Please send all information to the SSS account. 
  • Charlie asked about the possibility of a section where members could “ask the e-board” questions, etc.?  Discussion of pros/cons.  Will add it to the agenda for each month under new business.

IX. Committee Reports

  • Budget – Mike S (Not present)
    • Treasurer position update – No interested members at this time.  Sherry requests connecting any interested people with Jim or Mike to discuss position. Please talk it up with your local groups.
  • Employee Relations working group – Mark (Not present)
    • Bylaws changes
    • Motion for MTA annual meeting – everyone received it.  Any questions?
  • Professional Development – Edward
    • NEA/MTA conferences – please let Edward know. 
  • Negotiations
    • MSCA ratification vote in April and paid in May.

X. Old/New Business

  • Information for Operations Manual – Kathi shared missing items. 
  • Pens or other SWAG – Sherry has not moved on this yet.  Charlie will follow-up. 
  • We are in the cycle to purchase your new computer.  Please do it. 

XI. Institutional Issues

XII. Announcements

  • Please submit bylaws for your local if you have not done that already.
  • Please submit information for Operations Manual.
  • Please note, we will have a meeting in May on the 17th. Location TBA

XIII. Adjournment

– Motion to adjourn at 1pm by Jim, second by AJ.  Passed unanimously.

Next Meetings

  • April  19 – Auburn MTA office, 10am
  • May 3-4  – Meeting at Annual Statewide MTA meeting
  • May 17 – Meeting location TBA
  • June 21 – Meeting at MA Maritime Academy