Minutes 2019-06

Mass Maritime Academy, Buzzards Bay, MA
June 21, 2019

IN ATTENDANCE:  Sherry Horeanopoulos (APA President, FITCHBURG SU President), Charlie Cianfarini (APA Vice President), Aaron Childs (APA Membership), Kathi Bradford (APA Secretary),  Susan McNeil (MASS ART President), Katie Durso (MTA field rep), Maura Sweeney (Interim MTA Field Rep), Brian Cahillane (Westfield SU President), Alan Jackson (WORCESTER SU President), Seth Bean (MCLA President), Liz Novak (APA Web Manager), Maria Brunelle (APA Interim Treasurer), Mike Pelletier (SALEM SU President), Mike Storey (BRIDGEWATER SU, President), Edward Vacha (MMA President)

ABSENT:  Mark Powers (FRAMINGHAM SU President), Jim Murphy (APA Treasurer)

GUESTS:  Dave Maccini, (MMA, Vice President), Maribeth Wrobel (WORCESTER SU, Vice President)

I. Call to Order  at 10:12 am with introductions 

II. Motion for approval of Minutes of May 17 meeting

– (now combined with May 5 meeting) made by Seth, second by Susan 8-0-1 PASSED

III. Public Comments 

IV. President’s Report  – Sherry

  • Last meeting of the year.  Likely to rebuild the survey in anticipation of negotiations
  • May send out the survey via the website. 5 basic open-ended questions.  Will launch in September. Summer to have local meetings.  October/November to sort in preparation for March negotiations.
  • HELC Update
    • Last meeting of the year.
    • Discussed Paid Family Medical Leave and union consistency in bargaining.
    • Librarians Vacation Day Accrual vs. APA – Request to Jim Cox to adjust for the APA membership.  We ended up losing a day.  Sherry asked for a friendly revision.  Jim has not responded yet.    
APA MembersVacationLibrarianVacation
Years of ServiceAccrualYears of ServiceAccrual
  • Paid Family Medical Leave “insurance”.
    • Met with Management, MSCA and MCCC, along with MTA Field reps to bargain the cost to employees that the Governor has demanded.  We discovered that there are MANY unanswerable questions and some unexplainable conditions, i.e., part time faculty must pay into the system, but required to work 15 consecutive weeks and semesters are only 14 weeks long…so they would be denied the benefit – even though they would have to pay. 
    • Employees must pay the fee at each place of work, i.e., we, as board members would have to pay at our institutions AND against our APA stipends.  An employee at multiple workplaces cannot collect the benefit from more than one workplace. 
    • So many confusing questions – the implementation has been delayed until October.  We proposed that the state contribute 100% of the cost (all unions are proposing the same).
    • Next bargaining meeting will be in July.
  • Contract updates/issues
    • Connected with Vincent Pedone re: Employee Relations Working Group.  Job Description reviews are being undertaken by the campuses.  Date to begin the meetings:
    • APA 2017-20 Contract is finalized – need officer signatures in order to print and distribute.  (Today)
    • Salem VSIP
      • Salem VSIP – signed off and underway.
        • $4,000,000.00+ cap.  Selections by Seniority, but not if a department would be gutted.
        • For Employees with 25+ years of service – 100% of annual Salary as of May 31, 2019 – must depart on either August 31, 2019 or November 2, 2019
        • For employees with 10-24 years of service – 80% of annual Salary as of May 31, 2019 – must depart on either August 31, 2019 or November 2, 2019
        • On June 14, the faculty (statewide) voted on and passed the VSIP for Salem Faculty to participate.
        • Discussion about Salem.  It is not a statewide thing but, it is bargainable
        • As part of the Salem VSIP, I asked for remission of Tuition and Fees at Salem State for those members who remain at the University.  Management would not consider the proposals part of the package for voluntary separation, however agreed to a meeting with the President to make the proposal.  Meeting scheduled for June 25th.  (Sherry requested information from each campus regarding this.) 
    • Don’t forget to order MTA Member packets today!
    • Don’t forget to purchase your computer or upgrade if it is your time. 
  • MTA conference updates
    • Summer Conference MTA – everyone should have received information.  Higher Ed Day is Wednesday, August 7.  Conference is at UMass, Amherst – Sunday, August 4.  Please register if interested in attending

Mike P arrived at 10:54 AM

Edward arrived at 11:15 AM

V. Treasurer’s Report – Jim

  • Payroll due on Tuesday, June 25 by 12:00pm to Jim Murphy
  • Please see information sent by Jim Murphy
  • Welcome, Maria Brunelle.  New Interim Treasurer.  Update on transition. 
  • July 1 begins payment of grievance officers.  Please get W-9 to Maria.

VI. Membership and Data – Aaron

  • 1425 members, up 2 from May
  • 129 non-paying members, up 1 from May
  • Now have access to new MTA membership system
  • Aaron discussed retaining MTA membership into retirement.  Lifetime membership at $250 NEA/$550 MTA (one time fee) or annually, $35 NEA, $30 MTA.

VII. Website – Liz

  • Links are updated (retirement, ethics, etc.)
  • Question of the month up
  • Will post professional development opportunities from MTA
  • Will update final draft of contract with page numbers.

VIII. Health and Welfare Report – AJ

  • Contract is likely to be renewed.
  • Even with market as it is, our investments are remaining safe.
  • Difficulty getting money from various groups.  Working with the state to get that taken care of in a more timely manner.

IX. Committee Reports

  • Budget – Mike S – appointed new treasurer
  • Employee Relations working group – Mark – will be meeting this month
  • Professional Development – Edward – Let us know if you are going to the MTA conference in August.
  • Negotiations
    • Athletic Trainer appendix
    • Evaluation process clarification
    • Job description changes – review of process being used across the state.
    • Salary equity section – contradictions and result of Westfield’s arbitration
    • Promotions language and process
    • Timeline for filing grievances from 10 days to 1 month

X. Old/New Business

  • FAQ of the Month for the Website – FMLA update. 
  • Information for Operations Manual – please get it done now.  Kathi will send out a list of what she has currently. 
  • Reminder:  Maura is covering for Katie until mid-September.  Please send issues to Maura and copy Katie to keep her in the loop.  Maura’s email is msweeney@massteacher.org.  Phone:  774-249-1650.

XI. Institutional Issues

XII. Adjournment 

MOTION to adjourn – Mike S and AJ. . .PASSED

Next Meeting:  September 20, 2019 – Location TBA