Minutes 2019-09

Executive Board Meeting – MTA OFFICE, Auburn, MA

10:00am – September 20, 2019

In Attendance 
Sherry Horeanopoulos (APA President, FITCHBURG SU President), Charlie Cianfarini (APA Vice President), Aaron Childs (APA Membership), Kathi Bradford (APA Secretary),  Susan McNeil (10:05am) (MASS ART President), Maura Sweeney (Interim MTA Field Rep), Brian Cahillane (10:20am) (Westfield SU President), Maribeth Wrobel (WORCESTER SU President), Seth Bean (MCLA President), Liz Novak (APA Web Manager), Maria Brunelle (APA Interim Treasurer), Mike Pelletier (10:10 am) (SALEM SU President), Mike Storey (BRIDGEWATER SU, President), Edward Vacha (MMA President), Mark Powers (FRAMINGHAM SU President)

Guests: NEW MTA FIELD REP – Catherine Santiago

I. Call to Order at 10:00am

II. Approval of Minutes of June 21 meeting

– Motion by Brian, second by Mike S.  PASSED 13-0-0

III. Public Comments

IV. President’s Report  – Sherry

 (Institutional Issues were discussed first because Catherine had to leave to another meeting)

  • HELC Update –
    1. HELC knew reorganization was happening but, waited to announce until details were shared by MTA.  Sherry concerned about lack of communication.  Asked for reconsideration of timeline and process.  If you haven’t heard from new rep, contact Sherry.
    2. Some rumblings about leaving MTA.  We do not have a Higher Ed Director that focuses on our needs.  Our most important issues are not organizing.   
  • Paid Family Medical Leave “insurance” update
    1. You are not required to respond.  This is a law so all must participate.  Withdrawal from check starts October 1. 
  • Discussion of dual enrollment and early college classes.
  • Late October/early November Employee Relations Working group will start.
  • MTA conference – feedback, etc.
  • Contract updates/issues
  • Meeting locations/times for 2019-2020 (see end of agenda)
  • Annual meeting location – Motion by Mark to hold the meeting at Fitchburg, 14-0-0 PASSED
  • December meeting – Motion by Mark, second by Seth to move the meeting from 12/20 to 12/13 and start at 9:00am.  12-0-1  PASSED
  • VSIP – Westfield – Approved, waiting for BOT for final implementation.

V. Treasurer’s Report – Maria

  • Payroll due on Tuesday, September 24 by 12:00pm to Maria.
  • See report in email
  • Has been in contact with Auditors and Jim Murphy to close out year.
  • Switched banks

MOTION to Approve Treasurer’s report by Seth, second by Susan – 13-0-0 PASSED

VI. Membership and Data – Aaron

  1. 1434, up 9 since June
  2. 109, down 11 non-paying since June.
  3. MTA lost 7 applications for membership, Aaron was able to provide copies.
  4. Domain renewal in November.  MOTION to approve cost at $105 for renewal made by Mark, second by Mike S.  PASSED 13-0-0

VII. Website – Liz

  1. The new contract is up.  HTML version coming.
  2. Survey will be up by the end of October. 
  3. Discussed security of site.
  4. Will add a calculator to the site.

VIII. Health and Welfare Report – AJ

IX. Committee Reports

  • Budget – Mike S
  • Employee Relations working group – Mark
  • Professional Development – Edward
  • Negotiations
    • Athletic Trainer appendix
    • Evaluation process clarification
    • Job description changes
    • Salary equity section – contradictions and result of Westfield’s arbitration
    • Amount of time for Grievance filing – 10 days is too short.
    • 4 years to be on “probation” is too long
    • Salary ranges
    • Police portion of the appendix.  Need consistency in contract and practice.

X. Old/New Business

  1. FAQ of the Month for the Website
  2. Information for Operations Manual – would like to review it at the annual meeting.  Please send into to Kathi
  3. Discussion of why we represent non-paying members.
    1. Law 150e offers the same rights
    2. Step 1 and 2 grievances are required
    3. Maura will investigate additional information for Sherry to share with us.

XI. Institutional Issues 


– Motion to adjourn at 1:30pm by Seth, 2nd by Susan.  10-0-0 PASSED