Minutes 2019-11

Executive Board Meeting
Slattery’s, Fitchburg, MA
7:00pm – November 14, 2019

Present: Catherine Santiago (MTA Field Rep), Alan Jackson (APA Rep to Health and Welfare), Brian Cahillane (Westfield State APA President), Mark Powers (Framingham State APA President), Maria Brunelle (Treasurer, APA Statewide), Seth Bean (MCLA Statewide APA President), Jim Murphy, Treasurer emeriti, Mike Storey (Bridgewater State APA President), Maribeth Wrobel (Worcester State APA President), Susan McNeil (MassArt APA President), Sherry Horeanopoulos (President, Statewide APA and Fitchburg State President), Jane Decatur (Framingham State APA President), Edward Vacha (MMA APA President)

Absent:  Liz Novak (APA Web Manager) Charlie Cianfarini (Vice President, APA Statewide) Aaron Childs, (Membership Coordinator, Westfield State), Kathi Bradford (Secretary, APA Statewide)


I. Call to Order:

  7:15pm by Sherry

II. Approval of Minutes of October 18, 2019 meeting

with MOTION made by Brian and seconded by Mike S  10-0-2PASSED 

III. Public Comments


IV. President’s Report – Sherry

  • HELC Update – HELC meeting cancelled due to lack of Quorum
    • APA, MSCA and MCCC have joined the UMass Unions in filing a ULP due to the taxing of employees in September wages for PFML. Filed this week (November)
    • Management in charging the maximum – unions believe this should have been bargained.  This is the basis for filing
    • The Unions have NOT agreed to the division of payment (state vs. employees) and continue to bargain in coalition
    • MTA is planning a Higher Ed Conference for January 10 and 11 in the Springfield area
    • Sherry discussed the concept of Open Bargaining and beginning the process without ground rules, and proposed to think about the idea for this new bargaining session
    • New member liaison program offers $350.00 stipend per year to locals or chapters who apply.  First 90 applications.  Sherry submitted Aaron as a NML for the APA
  • Liz updated the website – included new tab for Survey
  • Annual meeting
    • On November 15, the Board Meeting will be held in the Hammond Building, Rm G11 from 10:00 – 12:00.  Breakfast included. The Annual Meeting and Lunch to be hosted in the Hammond 1st Floor lounge.
  • Contract updates/issues – Release Survey – Same 5 questions.
  • December meeting at the Publick House in Sturbridge – Dec 13 confirmed, 9:00am start (chapter presidents, grievance officers and membership)
    • Operations Manual — New idea, why not sit down and finish the manual at the Holiday meeting in December.  Kathi will provide the framework and we will make it happen!  

V. Treasurer’s Report – Maria

  • Payroll due on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 by 12:00pm to Maria.
  • Maria provided the October reports
  • Auditors will come to the Annual meeting in November. 

 MOTION TO approve Treasurer’s Report by Brian, 2nd by Susan 10-0-0 PASSED

VI. Membership and Data

– Aaron will report at the Annual meeting

VII. Website – Liz

  • Please send bylaws.
  • REQUEST LIZ to upload self-employee narrative form on website for member use.

VIII. Health and Welfare Report – AJ

  • Investments doing well despite volatility of the Market
  • Delta is not counting costs of cleaning and xrays as part of the deductible – may be a factor in future renewals
  • AJ will complete his tenure on Health and Welfare on June 30.  We will need a H&W rep for the APA when his term is done.
  • Need to get all the Unions on the same stable costs and contributions – ask for more from the state.
  • Brian asked if there is data on customer satisfaction?

IX. Committee Reports

  • Budget – Mike S
  • Employee Relations working group – Mark
    • Vincent Pedone emailed indicating he has six reps from HR side of things.
    • Sherry and Mark will meet with Vincent and Jessica Murdoch at Fitchburg State to schedule the meetings
  • Professional Development – Edward
  • Negotiations – Please see list at the bottom of the minutes.

X. Old/New Business

  • FAQ of the Month for the Website – Vacation time
  • ERC will begin meeting shortly.  Mark and Sherry to meet to discuss this with Vincent Pedone and Jessica Murdoch
  • Mike shared some feedback that he collected from his board re: negotiations, etc. for our review.
  • Discussion about lack of focus on the evaluation process.  Appears not to be as “important” as it was in the past.  Also, some supervisors are not checking the member’s job description during the review.
  • Mass pay equity review being done by the Mass Pay Equity Act.  Not looking at descriptions but, pay only.   

XI. Announcements

XII.  Adjournment

Brian made the motion – Susan seconded- 10-0-0

Next Meeting on December 13 at Publick House in Sturbridge – 9:00am


1/17 – EAW
2/21 – Auburn (9:30 am-1:30 pm)
3/20 – EAW
4/17 – Auburn (9:30 am-1:30 pm)
MAY – MTA ANNUAL (and/or 5/15)
6/19 – MMA


  • Athletic Trainer appendix
  • Evaluation process clarification – needs improvement does not mean a PIP, loss of job or other punitive issue. 
  • Job description changes
  • Salary equity section – contradictions and result of Westfield’s arbitration          
  • Amount of time for Grievance filing – 10 days is too short.
  • Years to be on “probation” is too long
  • Salary ranges
  • Police portion of the appendix.  Need consistency in contract and practice.
  • When positions should be promoted vs. posted
  • Stipend for extra duties and responsibilities clarification
  • APA member participation during salary/equity adjustment process
  • OPERATIONS MANUAL – Bring info to December meeting