Minutes 2020-01


Catherine Santiago (MTA Field Rep), Charlie Cianfarini (Vice President, APA Statewide), Mark Powers (APA Rep for APA/BHE Working Group), Kathi Bradford (Secretary, APA Statewide), Maria Brunelle (Treasurer, APA Statewide), Aaron Childs, (Membership Coordinator, APA Statewide)  Maribeth Wrobel (Worcester State APA President), Susan McNeil (MassArt APA President), Sherry Horeanopoulos (President, Statewide APA and Fitchburg State President), Seth Bean (MCLA APA President) 10:20am, Mike Storey (Bridgewater State APA President) 11:00 am.


Brian Cahillane (Westfield State APA President), Liz Novak (APA Web Manager), Edward Vacha (MMA APA President), Alan Jackson (APA Rep to Health and Welfare), Mike Pelletier (Salem State APA President), Jane Decatur (Framingham State APA President)


Colby Harvish (Worcester State)

Call to Order at 10:04 am

  • Approval of Minutes of Friday, December 13, 2019  MOTION BY Susan, Second Maribeth.  PASSED 5-0-2.
  • Public Comments

President’s Report  – Sherry

  1. HELC Update – No HELC update due to attendance at Higher Education meeting in Springfield.
  2. Annual meeting will also be in Springfield on May 1-2.
  3. Contract updates/issues – Survey – Sherry has talked with other groups.  Possibly COLA if the state delays.  Decided to serve on each other’s teams for support.  NAGE contacted Sherry re: Negotiations.  Sherry requested that Catherine send the Notice to Bargain to Jim Cox. 
  4. We missed the deadline for our “dues” question from last year. 
  5. Please send out GIC information.  Sherry believes our attendance makes a difference.  They are going for high deductibles. 
  6. They might want a 1 year contract.  We want the money.  This would move us to the MCCC cycle. 
  7. Catherine discussed the Paid FMLA mediation done at the Department of Labor Relations.  They  have proposed getting an extra vacation or personal day.  We think the university should pay and reimburse us for our payments.  They did not accept that proposal.  Proposed that any reimbursement to University would go 50% into a fund to be used by the union with 50% to the university.  
  8. NEA meeting information coming soon.  In Atlanta in July.

Treasurer’s Report – Maria

  • Payroll due on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 by 12:00pm to Maria.
  • See report in email
  • Motion to approve Treasurer’s report made by Susan, second by Mike. 
  • PASSED 8-0-0

Membership and Data – Aaron

  • 1429 members, same as December
  • 114 Agency – up 2 since December
  • Working on new scripts for membership coordinators
  • Discussion of updates from the state re:  dues, increases, etc.
  • Please don’t retain records.  Once you take it, send it to Aaron and shred the rest. Personal information is your responsibility.  Aaron will modify the form to use only the last 4 digits of SS# to conform to State Info request.
  • Motion to approve membership report by Susan, second by Sherry.  PASSED 9-0-0 

Website – Liz

  • See her email.  November minutes posted. 

Health and Welfare Report

  • No report

Committee Reports

Budget – Mike S – no report

Employee Relations working group – Mark –

  • Met on Monday (Mark, Charlie, Kathi and Susan)  Next meeting on 1/23.  Vince plus reps from BSU, WOR, WSU, MCLA present.   Discussed position descriptions in MOA.  Vince will meet with COP to discuss.  Discussed Evaluation process and gender language in contract.  Flexible scheduling on the list plus Professional Development.  Will not discuss tuition remission. 

Professional Development – Edward

  • Negotiations – Please see end of agenda – Discussion of keeping negotiations open to observers.  Sherry made a motion to provide 1 additional member per campus to serve on the bargaining team as an observer.  2nd by Kathi.  Discussion.  After a couple of friendly amendments, motion DEFEATED 0-9-1.
  • Potential bylaws change for the future.  Can we make a request to have an observer from another union at our negotiations.  Catherine will investigate.

Old/New Business

  • Kathi is retiring with the VSIP in March. Motion made by Susan to nominate Mark to serve as the secretary for the remainder of the current term.  Second by Maribeth.  PASSED 9-0-0     
  • FAQ of the Month for the Website – Negotiations for this month, Vacation time for February and evaluation for March. 
  • Information for Operations Manual – Kathi collected more information for operations manual.  Will complete before end of service.
  • Discussion of how field rep system is working.  Not as good as before.  Sherry is not getting the information. 

Institutional Issues 


  1.  Meeting at 9:30 am next month.
  2. FSLA eligible for Overtime.  Changes in definition for who qualifies. Catherine will bring more information.
  3. March 2 – Higher Ed Advocacy Day
  4. Request for Freedom of information act for equity study.  Who is doing it?  Findings?
  5. Reminder – please read raw data of survey. 


  • Motion to adjourn by Mike S, second by Susan.  PASSED 9-0-0

Next Meeting

  • 9:30 a.m. – February 21, 2020  AUBURN MTA OFFICES – PLEASE NOTE CHANGE IN START TIME!


  • 3/20 – EAW
  • 4/17 – Auburn (9:30 am-1:30 pm)
  • MAY – MTA ANNUAL (and/or 5/15)
  • 6/19 – MMA


  • Athletic Trainer appendix
  • Evaluation process clarification – needs improvement does not mean a PIP, loss of job or other punitive issue. 
  • Job description changes
  • Salary equity section – contradictions and result of Westfield’s arbitration          
  • Amount of time for Grievance filing – 10 days is too short.
  • Years to be on “probation” is too long
  • Salary ranges
  • Police portion of the appendix.  Need consistency in contract and practice.
  • APA retired.
  • Definition of work weeks. 
  • Search committee composition – NUP or APA positions
  • Change request for salary adjustments, #3 – additional service to the institution
  • Advance degree – salary increase
  • Meal allowance and timing of meals.
  • Other duties as assigned as it relates to core duties.