Minutes 2020-11-15

Annual Statewide Meeting 2020

12:00pm, Friday, November 15, 2019 Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg, MA Hammond Main Lounge


  • Sherry Horeanopoulos – APA Statewide President/Fitchburg APA President
  • Kathi Bradford – APA Secretary
  • Maria Brunelle – APA Treasurer
  • Jim Murphy – APA Past Treasurer
  • Aaron Childs – APA Membership Coordinator
  • Alan Jackson – Vice Chair and APA Rep to and Vice Chair of Health and Welfare Fund
  • Mark Powers – Chair, APA Employee Relations Working Group
  • Catherine Santiago – MTA Field Representative
  • Seth Bean – Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts APA Chapter President
  • Brian Cahillane – Westfield APA Chapter President
  • Jane Decatur – Framingham APA Chapter President
  • Mike Pelletier – Salem APA Chapter President
  • Mike Storey – Bridgewater APA Chapter President
  • Edward Vacha – Massachusetts Maritime Academy APA Chapter President
  • 36 members of Fitchburg APA Chapter
  • Kirkland Albrecht & Frederickson LLC (Auditors)

Call to Order

12:15 pm by Sherry Horeanopoulos, APA President

Approval of Minutes

Approval of Minutes from November 16, 2018 – Minutes held until December Executive Board meeting due to lack of quorum.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Treasurer’s Report by Maria Brunelle, Treasurer
  • Report from the Auditors with an A+ for Jim Murphy, outgoing Treasurer for his efforts.

President’s Report – Sherry Horeanopoulos

  • Sherry discussed the year in review including Janus vs. AFSCME/Freedom to join. Thanked the group for the number of calls, letters, etc regarding this.
  • Evaluation check-in. Timeline was 11/1/19.
  • Reminder about the vacation cap at 375 by June 30, 2020.
  • Alliance with MCCC and MSCA
  • Introduced Catherine Santiago, MTA who explained the Paid Family Medical Leave.
  • She shared the upcoming Higher Ed conference on January 10-11 – winter skills program.
  • Higher Ed Advocacy Day
  • Fund our Future Campaign continuous
  • Upcoming items:
    • Bargaining for 2020-2023
      • PFML items
      • Regaining lost accrual
      • Not waiting for faculty to come to the table
    • Member survey – please do it to share your bargaining ideas.
  • Sherry updated her members regarding the Turkey Program and Grievance Officer

Membership and Data – Aaron Childs

  • 1431 members – same as last year
  • 112 non-paying, 9 since last year

Health and Welfare Report – Alan Jackson, Representative to the Health and Welfare Fund Committee

  • Dental program/eye glass stipend update
  • They have 6 months operating expenses budget. Worked hard to accomplish this.
  • Still barebones. Might be time for management to listen to new plans/ideas.

Old/New Business

  • Contract – Employee relations working group update –Mark Powers
    • Explained group and asked for negotiation ideas for March negotiations.
  • Website
  • Open Q and A from the floor



  • Motion to adjourn at 12:54pm by Mark Powers, second by Reba DuRoti. Unanimous.