Minutes 2021-03

10:00am, Friday, February 19, 2021 – Zoom


APA Statewide:

  • Sherry Horeanopoulos, President and Fitchburg State President
  • Charlie Cianfarini, Vice President
  • Mark Powers, Secretary
  • Aaron Childs, Membership Coordinator
  • Liz Novak, Web Manager
  • Roberta James, MTA Field Representative
  • Maria Brunelle, Treasurer
  • Catherine Santiago, MTA Field Representative

APA Chapter Presidents:

  • Brian Cahillane, Westfield State University
  • Jane Decatur, Framingham State University
  • Susan McNeil, Massachusetts College of Art & Design
  • Mike Pelletier, Salem State University (Joined at 11:05am)
  • Mike Storey, Bridgewater State University
  • Edward Vacha, Massachusetts Maritime Academy
  • Peter Fenuccio, Worcester State University
  • Seth Bean, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Call to Order


Approval of Minutes

Friday, February 19, 2021

  • Amendments: None
  • Motion to approve membership report as presented/amended made: by S. McNeil
  • 2nd by: E. Vacha
  • Vote: 8-0-1
  • Action: Motion Carries

Public Comments


President’s Report – Sherry Horeanopoulos

  • MSCA, MCCC, & APA are all on the same negotiations timetable. Important to keep communications open between all three unions so for any collective bargaining issues that we have in common – the three Locals talk & agree on certain things. As an example, Management want to limit Sick Time Accrual – all three unions say No!
  • Early Retirement MOA – not many actual takes from APA.
  • From MTA (Catherine & Roberta) – Not having the March MTA Summit because of feedback from the membership and the MTA February Summit.
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations and Higher Ed – no changes to the Governor’s Plan.
  • House Bill (HD11794-2) & Senate Bill (SD1686-1) re: 3 years towards retirement due to COVID-19.
  • Signed Juneteenth MOA – June 19 now contractual holiday.
  • The APA sponsored Proposed MTA Dues Bylaw Change was not supported by the MTA Board of Directors at their March 6, 2021 meeting: “The majority of the Board (35-17) however, voted to not recommend the proposal to Annual Meeting. The Dues Task Force considered your proposal but was not in favor of it” (Tom Estabrook, MTA Board, District 47H (representing Higher Education)).

Treasurer’s Report – Maria Brunelle

Payroll due on Tuesday, March 19, 2021 by 12:00

Approval of November report

  • Amendments: None
  • Motion to approve membership report
    • presented/amended made by S. McNeil
    • 2nd by: S. Bean
    • Vote: Unanimous
    • Action: Motion Carries

Membership and Data – Aaron Childs

  • 1359 Overall Membership since October 2020. A decrease of 1.
  • 119 Non-Dues Paying Member. An increase of 0 since November 2020

Website – Liz Novak

  • Published the approved February minutes
  • Usage of website – 778 sessions with 957 page views over February
  • Juneteenth MOA posted to website

Health and Welfare Report – Mike Storey

  • At February meeting we were informed that MetLife had given a $638K credit back to Health & Welfare fund due to the excellent claims/loss ratio for 2020. Due to the pandemic members utilized dental services much less than in a regular year.
  • Fund is currently over $3M. Very solid increases over the last year due to increase in stock market.
  • Next meeting April 23.

Committee Reports

Budget Committee – Mike Storey

  • No updates.

Employee Relations Working Group – Mark Powers

  • No updates.

Professional Development – Edward Vacha

  • MTA Meeting will be virtual
  • NEA Representative Assembly June 30-July 3(virtual)

Negotiations – Sherry Horeanopoulos

  • No updates.

Old/New Business

  • FAQ of the Month for the Website for February
    • Juneteenth
  • Develop online series for the Membership – Offer Quarterly on a specific topic. Requests questions regarding the topic in advance of the webinar
  • New York Rangers best game since 1986 with a score of 9-0. (Entire coaching staff out with the Covid.)

Institutional Issues




  • Motion to Adjourn made at 12:17pm
  • By M. Storey, 2nd by: S. McNeil
    • Vote: Unanimous
    • Action: Motion Carries
  • Next Meeting: 10:00 – April 16, 2021 (Zoom)