Minutes 2021-09

Date/Time: 10:00 am Friday, September 17, 2021

Location: MTA Office @ 12 E Worcester St 2nd Fl, and Zoom


APA Statewide

  • Sherry Horeanopoulos, President and Fitchburg State President
  • Charlie Cianfarini, Vice President
  • Mark Powers, Secretary
  • Aaron Childs, Membership Coordinator
  • Catherine Santiago, MTA Field Representative

APA Chapter Presidents

  • Seth Bean, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
  • Brian Cahillane, Westfield State University
  • Jane Decatur, Framingham State University
  • Susan McNeil, Massachusetts College of Art & Design
  • Mike Pelletier, Salem State University
  • Mike Storey, Bridgewater State University
  • Edward Vacha, Massachusetts Maritime Academy
  • Peter Fenuccio, Worcester State University


APA Statewide

  • Maria Brunelle, Treasurer
  • Liz Novak, Web Manager
  • Roberta James, MTA Field Representative

Call to Order

  • 10:04 am

Approval of Minutes

  1. Wednesday, June 16, 2021
  • Amendments: None
  • Motion to approve membership report as presented/amended made: by S. McNeil
  • 2nd by: J. Decatur
  • Vote: Unanimous
  • Action: Motion Carries
  1. Friday, August 20, 2021
  • Amendments: None
  • Motion to approve membership report as presented/amended made: by S. McNeil
  • 2nd by: J. Decatur
  • Vote: Unanimous
  • Action: Motion Carries

Public Comments


President’s Report – Sherry Horeanopoulos

  1. MTA Representatives – New person: Heather LaPenn
  2. Chaired HELC at September meeting. To meet monthly as MSCA/APA/AFSCME
  3. Final version of Masked Mandate MOA
  4. Part-Timers in APA to get the one-time 1.5% Covid Bonus or Minimum $1,000.00.
  5. Possible Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) ratification vote to be held on October 20, 2021 via electronic voting. Supplemental bill to MA Legislatures now being submitted end of September.
  6. Jessica Lewis & Matthew Segal presenting presenting “Racially-Just Policing Model Policy for universities and colleges in Massachusetts” which went into effect in September.

Treasurer’s Report – Maria Brunelle

  1. Payroll due on Tuesday, August 24, 2021 by 12:00pm.
  2. Approval of July 2021 Report
  • Amendments: None
  • Motion to approve membership report as presented/amended made by: S. McNeil
  • 2nd by: B. Cahillane
  • Vote: Unanimous
  • Action: Motion Carries
  1. Approval of August 2021 Report
  • Amendments: None
  • Motion to approve membership report as presented/amended made by: S. McNeil
  • 2nd by: B. Cahillane
  • Vote: Unanimous
  • Action: Motion Carries

Membership and Data – Aaron Childs

  1. 1316 Overall Membership since May 2021. A decrease of 24.
  2. 117 Non-Dues Paying Member. A decrease of 6 since May 2021.

Website – Liz Novak

  1. Replacing Liz with Gero Petruzella (MCLA)

Health and Welfare Fund Report – Mike Storey

  1. Next virtual meetings to occur in October and in December

Committee Reports

Budget Committee – Mike Storey

Nothing to report

Employee Relations Working Group – Mark Powers

  1. Morph into the CBA Employee Relations Committee after Ratification Vote

Professional Development – Edward Vacha

Nothing to report

Negotiations – Sherry Horeanopoulos

  1. Catherine Santiago presented tentative MOA for three-year contract (CBA).
  2. Item 2e is still being figured out and Item 3 still being finalized.
  3. The APA has reached an understanding with Management to endorse a 3-year APA Agreement for the term July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023. This contract will supersede the 2020-2021 collective bargaining agreement which has been in effect since December 2020 and preserves the existing language, with minor adjustments.
  4. In Article III, a paragraph has been added that provides for training, including topics such as Cyber Security, anti-discrimination practices, skill improvement and more. Training Sessions will be offered during normal work hours.
  5. In Article V, the salary tables will be adjusted to reflect realistic minimum salaries, based on FLSA standards.
  6. In Article VI, an addition that allows the initiation of a salary increase or a bonus payment to unit members in recognition of accomplishments, exceptional service or situations where the adjustment meets the needs of the University.
  7. In Article VII, inclusion of the language related to the Massachusetts’ Paid Family Medical Leave.
  8. In Article XI, increase the timeframe of filing a grievance notice at Step I from ten (10) days to fifteen (15) days.
  9. The relevant dates for evaluations and the expiration of the Agreement will also be changed. This Agreement will conclude on
  10. Article V, C. Salary Adjustments will reflect the following:
    1. Year 1. Retroactive to the first pay period of July 2020 for *eligible unit members: a 2.5% increase
      1. 0.5% in year 1 satisfies the dispute between the Union(s) and the BHE regarding members’ contribution rate to the Massachusetts PFML. (The Unions will withdraw their lawsuits.)
    2. Year 2. Retroactive to the first pay period of July 2021 for *eligible unit members: a 2.0% increase
      1. After the 2.5 and 2.0% salary increases are applied to the *eligible recipients, a one-time COVID-recognition bonus of 1.5% of base salary or $1000.00, whichever is greater, will be provided to eligible unit members.
    3. Year 3. On the first pay period of July 2022: a 2% increase

*Year 1 Eligible Employees: Unit members who were employed from the first pay period in July 2020 – the first pay period in July 2021 and those who retired between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.

*1.5% Bonus Eligibility: – To be determined

Old/New Business

  1. FAQ of the Month for the Website for Sept – ??
  2. Ratification vote of Contract MOA to be on October 20th
  3. Zoom meetings to membership regarding the Ratification Vote to be held:
    1. September 27th at 11:00am for the following campuses:
      1. Bridgewater
      2. Mass College of Art & Design
      3. Mass Maritime Academy
      4. Framingham
      5. Worcester
    2. September 29th at 11:00am for the following campuses:
      1. Mass College of Liberal Arts
      2. Fitchburg
      3. Salem
      4. Westfield
  4. D. Statewide Elections – Nominations Committee to be established…see Bylaws:

D. Nominations and Elections Committee (No statewide officer or candidate may serve on this committee.)
(1) shall consist of at least one representative from each chapter, none of whom is a candidate for election.
(2) shall consist of APA members appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Executive Board.
(3) shall be determine the nomination procedure for candidates seeking elective office.
(4) shall be responsible for securing candidates for each of the elective offices.
(5) shall publish, no later than two weeks preceding the date of the election, the names of the candidates for elected office together with information about each candidate. Anyone who is an active member of the APA may be a candidate for any office.
(6) shall be responsible for conducting annual elections and for meeting the requirements of special elections.
(7) shall oversee that all elections are conducted by secret ballot.
(8) shall tally the overall ballots and declare the incumbent candidate based on having received a majority of the votes cast.
(9) shall conduct nominations and elections for NEA delegates in accordance with MTA and NEA guidelines.

Nominations will be due no later than December 3rd. All nominations will then be posted by December 4th on maapa.org.

Elections will then held electronically on December 14th, 2021

Institutional Issues


  1. Ratification vote on October 20, 2021
  2. Annual meeting on November 19, 2021 at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, North Adams and on Zoom.


  1. Motion to Adjourn made at 12:42pm by: S. Bean
  2. 2nd by: S. McNeil
  3. Vote: Unanimous
  4. Action: Motion Carries