Minutes 2021-10

Date/Time: Friday, October 15, 2021

Location: MTA Office @ 12 E Worcester St 2nd Fl and ZOOM


APA Statewide

  • Sherry Horeanopoulos, President and Fitchburg State President
  • Charlie Cianfarini, Vice President
  • Mark Powers, Secretary
  • Aaron Childs, Membership Coordinator (non-voting)
  • Gerol Petruzella, Web Manager (non-voting)
  • Catherine Santiago, MTA Field Representative (non-voting)

APA Chapter Presidents

  • Seth Bean, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
  • Brian Cahillane, Westfield State University
  • Jane Decatur, Framingham State University
  • Susan McNeil, Massachusetts College of Art & Design
  • Mike Pelletier, Salem State University
  • Mike Storey, Bridgewater State University
  • Edward Vacha, Massachusetts Maritime Academy
  • Peter Fenuccio, Worcester State University


  • none


APA Statewide

  • Maria Brunelle, Treasurer (non-voting)
  • Roberta James, MTA Field Representative

Call to Order

  • 10:13am 10/15/2021

Approval of Minutes

  1. Friday, September 17, 2021
  • Amendments: Changes made to Dates for Ratification Vote & State-wide Nominations & Elections
  • Motion to approve membership report as presented/amended made: by J. Decatur
  • 2nd by: M. Storey
  • Vote: Unanimous
  • Action: Motion Carries

Public Comments


President’s Report – Sherry Horeanopoulos

  1. Held three meetings for the state-wide memberships to discuss the ratification of the contract. Close to 500 unit members in total attended.
  2. Was informed that the APA contract costs were not included in the House Supplemental Budget. Next deadline is the Senate’s Budget version in early November.
  3. State-Wide Nominations & Election Committee formed with Co-Chairs
  4. Health & Welfare Trust – MTA is looking into options.

Treasurer’s Report – Maria Brunelle

  1. Payroll due on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 by 12:00pm.
  2. Approval of September Report
  • Amendments: None
  • Motion to approve membership report as presented/amended made by: S. Bean
  • 2nd by: S. McNeil
  • Vote: Unanimous
  • Action: Motion Carries

Membership and Data – Aaron Childs

  1. 1326 Overall Membership since September 2021. An increase of 10.
  2. 159 Non-Dues Paying Member. An increase of 42 since September 2021.
  3. Chapter Membership Coordinators need to be using the fillable pdf for all new hires. And all are asked not to hand write on the forms.

Website – Gerol Petruzella

  1. Published the approved September minutes.
  2. Usage of website – September
  3. Urgent needs regarding site maintenance…. Software updates and optimizing site maintenance. Use Google analytics to drive possible changes to the site.

Health and Welfare Fund Report – Mike Storey

  1. Next meeting October 22, 2021.

Committee Reports

Budget Committee – Mike Storey

Nothing to report

Employee Relations Working Group – Mark Powers

Nothing to report

Professional Development – Edward Vacha

Nothing to report

Negotiations – Sherry Horeanopoulos

Old/New Business

  1. FAQ of the Month for the Website for November – Supplemental Budget Process??
  2. Motion 2021.10.15-01 APA Bylaws change regarding Non-Paying members vote on Contract Ratifications
    Amend to Article III – Membership Section 4
    1. Section 4. Only [del]active[del] members as defined in Sections 1&2 of (this) Article III shall have the privilege of voting [del]and[del] or holding an elected office in the APA.
    2. Motion by: S. McNeil
    3. 2nd by: M. Powers
    4. Vote: 8-2-1
    5. Action: motion carries
  3. Annual Meeting – Executive Board will meet Thursday Evening Remotely from 7:00pm-8:00pm.
  4. December Meeting – Friday

Institutional Issues


  1. None.


  1. Motion to Adjourn made at 1:09pm by: S. McNeil
  2. 2nd by: S. Bean
  3. Vote: Unanimous
  4. Action: Motion Carries

Next Meeting: November 18, 2021 Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA), North Adams and ZOOM Room; and November 19, 2021 Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA), North Adams and ZOOM Room.

Negotiations List

  • Athletic Trainer appendix
  • Evaluation process clarification – needs improvement does not mean a PIP, loss of job or other punitive issue.
  • Job description changes
  • Salary equity section – contradictions and result of Westfield’s arbitration
  • Amount of time for Grievance filing – 10 days is too short.
  • Years to be on “probation” is too long
  • Salary ranges
  • Police portion of the appendix. Need consistency in contract and practice.
  • APA retired.
  • Definition of work weeks.
  • Search committee composition – NUP or APA positions
  • Change request for salary adjustments, #3 – additional service to the institution
  • Advance degree – salary increase
  • Meal allowance and timing of meals.
  • Other duties as assigned as it relates to core duties.