Minutes 2023-12

Date/Time: Friday, December 15, 2023, 10:00am
Location: MTA Office @ Worcester & Zoom


APA Statewide

  • Seth Bean, President
  • Susan McNeil, Vice President
  • Mark Powers, Secretary
  • Maria Brunelle, Treasurer (Non-Voting)
  • Julie Dunlap LePoer, Web Manager (Non-voting)
  • Catherine Santiago, MTA Field Representative (Non-voting)

APA Chapter Presidents

  • Seth Bean, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
  • Brian Cahillane, Westfield State University
  • Peter Fenuccio, Worcester State University
  • Susan McNeil, Massachusetts College of Art & Design
  • Jenna Shales, Bridgewater State University
  • Rebecca Shersnow, Fitchburg State President
  • Rosa Taormina, Salem State University
  • Edward Vacha, Massachusetts Maritime Academy


  • Joanna Gonsalves (MSCA)
  • Rich Levy (MSCA)


APA Statewide

  • Aaron Childs, Membership Coordinator (Non-voting)
  • Roberta James, MTA Field Representative (Non-voting)

APA Chapter Presidents

  • Jane Decatur, Framingham State University

Call to Order

  • Time: 10:06am

Approval of Minutes

  • Per agreement of the Executive Board, the Minutes of the November 16 & 17, 2023 Executive Board Meeting were approved electronically on December 9, 2023.

Public Comments

  1. Joanna Gonsalves (MSCA) and Rich Levy (MSCA)
    1. Exposing Vendors on campuses that are doing Unit work.
    2. Advocating/Lobbying for the Cherish Act to be passed.
    3. https://cthrupayroll.mass.gov/#!/year/2023/
    4. APA needs to be included in Analysis Workshop (need date)

President’s Report – Seth Bean

  1. Final Audit Documents.
  2. Health & Welfare Trust Fund vs. the Massachusetts Public Employees Fund.
  3. Survey to Membership regarding issues for the upcoming contract negotiations season.
  4. Catherine Santiago –
    1. Cherish Act BoT Resolutions Packet
    2. Pay Equity Study – Requesting APA involvement – Susan, Jenna, Mark

Treasurer’s Report – Maria Brunelle

  1. Payroll due on Tuesday, December 19, 2023 by 12:00pm.
  2. Approval of November 2023 Treasurer’s Report
    • Amendments: None
    • Motion to approve membership report as presented/amended made:
    • by: B. Cahillane 2nd by: S. McNeil
    • Vote: Unanimous Action: Motion Carries

Membership and Data – Aaron Childs

  1. 1427 Overall Membership since November 2023. An Increase of 15.
  2. 226 Non-Dues Paying Member. A Decrease of 1 since November 2023.

Website – Julie Dunlap LePoer

  1. Updates and changes overall as per requests from Exec Board members.
  2. Posted Minutes
  3. Repaired broken links
  4. Using Google Search to find indexed and non-indexed pages
  5. GoDaddy expiration date November 2024. Who is responsible for renewal?
  6. Post the Question of the Month
  7. Set up Content Review Schedule to ensure accurate data.

Health and Welfare Fund Report – Susan McNeil

  1. No issues to report at this time.

Committee Reports

  1. Budget Committee – Rosa Taormina & Seth Bean
  2. Employee Relations Working Group –
  3. Professional Development – Edward Vacha
  4. Special Committees:
    • Committee on Legislative Action – Susan McNeil, Seth Bean, &
    • Committee on Health & Safety – Renee Bernier & Susan McNeil
    • Negotiations – Contract Committee
    • Employee Relations Committee (ERC) – Brian Cahillane, Jane Decatur, & Rosa Taormina

Old/New Business

  1. FAQ of the Month for the Website for January
  2. Issues regarding Free Tuition/Fees for APA Employees at each campus.
    • List of campuses that have it and what are the details
    • List of campuses that only have the CBA minimum

Institutional Issues

Information has been redacted.


  • None


  1. Motion to Adjourn made at 1:06pm
    • by: P. Fenuccio 2nd by: S. McNeil
    • Vote: Unanimous Action: Motion Carries

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APA Executive Board10:00amFriday, June 21, 2024In-PersonTBD
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