President’s Message: December 4, 2023

Hello APA Members,

Our contracts have passed the State Legislature!  Thanks to our advocacy, as a union, as unions working together across industries and across the state, 116 representatives showed up today, during an informal session, and DID THEIR JOB!  They had the votes to certify they had a quorum of members to vote on the Closeout Budget Committee Report, overriding the Republican efforts to end the session.  By 4:45pm, both the House and the Senate voted and approved the Closeout Budget Bill (H4207) and sent it to Governor Healey’s desk for signature.

I cannot emphasize enough how important the outreach our members and other union members made in so many ways impacted this outcome.  It is a victory we all share, from the emails, phone calls, demonstrations, news articles, letters to the editors, social media posts, that made this outcome possible.  To put this in perspective, a quorum of house members in informal session has not been seen in over 30 years.  It was needed to get this bill passed, and union solidarity was what made it possible.

I would like to especially recognize your chapter presidents and chapter leadership that have worked extremely hard to organize all these efforts.  They have put their all into this work on top of their already busy lives, and I know we all appreciate their dedication and passion.

In solidarity,

-Seth Bean
APA President

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