President’s Message: September 1, 2023

Hello APA Members, 

The Executive Board of the APA has reached tentative agreement with the representatives of the Board of Higher Education and the Council of Presidents for a one-year extension of our current collective bargaining agreement.  This agreement will include an important retroactive 4% raise on July 1, 2023, and 4% on January 1, 2024.  This raise represents intense advocacy from the APA, Massachusetts Teachers Association, and many other public unions to convince Governor Healey that public employees deserve raises that deal with the out-of-control inflation which has hurt our earnings. APA leadership has remained focused on getting this raise in the hands of our members. 

Our tentative agreement also contains a pool of money that will address longevity and retention.  While we know that these funding pools will not fully address longevity and retention for our members, we are hopeful that our agreement will make it clear to management that we need to continue to address these issues.   

This tentative agreement marks the first step in a process to get these raises funded by the Commonwealth.   Once we have signed the agreement, each chapter will host an informational session to outline the details of the agreement and allow members to ask questions.  According to APA Bylaws, two (2) weeks after these informational sessions have been held, we will have a ratifying vote.  After the successful ratification, our agreement is returned to the Governor’s desk to be funded through the state government process. 

Please look for updates in the coming weeks regarding information sessions and ratification on your campus.  Information session schedule and resources will be available on our website,  

Thank you for your patience and support. In Solidarity,


President, Association of Professional Administrators

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